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What is MoonLight?

MoonLight is a Dream Novel (DN) Site dedicated for the anime and manga series, Haikyuu where fans can enjoy Interactive Prompt style reader insert stories. This site was inspired by the English Prince of Tennis DN sites Minus Zero, Just Once and Teniyume, which all are sadly gone now. We aim to promote and revive this type of reader insert story and provide readers a different way of enjoying (Y/N) stories.

Currently, MoonLight is run by a single person, LuxNoctis, but is planning to expand when we find writers willing to write for the site. MoonLight is also open for any html/CSS coders as LuxNoctis only knows basic codes to run this site. If you are interested please email us at ladymistress.24@gmail.com. Thank you.

Updates (last three updates):

IWAIZUMI HAJIME - Stars Watching Over Them (x)
Added on: Nov. 28, 2018

OIKAWA TOORU - Chocolates (x)
Added on: Nov. 16, 2017