It was once again Valentine’s Day, and to teenagers, that may mean a lot of things. For some, it could just be a bothersome event that people celebrate in hopes of getting free things. Or for the majority of the teenagers, this day causes a feeling of nervousness, of tingling of nerves. For this is not just the day of giving out chocolates. It is also the day of giving (and to some, confessing) their love.

In Japan, this day is a big day for everyone. Once you enter a campus, let’s say Aoba Josai or also known as Seijo, you will see girls running around, looking for the lucky recipient of their chocolate. Whether the chocolate is just for friendly purposes, or if it is for the declaration of love, it is for the boys to guess, and the girls to say. In Seijo, one will instantly notice a large crowd of girls gathering around the Volleyball Gym. They were lining up to give their chocolates to their favorite volleyball regular member. The most impressive line was for the team’s captain, Oikawa Tooru.

The girls were handing out their chocolates one by one to the setter. Some girls winked at Oikawa, others batted their eyelashes, and the more confident ones sent out kisses to the captain, but all failed to capture his full attention. Just a flash of his smile, all of these girls melted into a pile of goo. He would thank the girls from time to time as his pile of chocolates increased. But no girl has noticed that their beloved Oikawa was anxiously waiting for a particular girl. The practice session will be over in a few minutes, but she has not arrived yet.

Groaning inwardly, Oikawa decided that waiting time is over, he turned around and walked towards the clubroom, grabbing the overflowing bags of chocolates. Mattsun laughed before he took all the chocolates from the girls who were still on the line outside, telling them they'll hand them over to their captain. Different pitches of voice rang out as everyone saw the Grand King leave them. It bothered Oikawa a bit that he heard a few male voices in that wails of sadness, but he didn’t show it on his perfectly immaculate smiling face as he walked pass them all.


Reaching for the door knob of the clubroom, Oikawa was stopped by Makki who was for some reason wasn't at practice earlier.

“AH! Oikawa!” Makki smirked as he walked towards the captain, hands shoved inside his shorts as usual.

Raising one perfectly shaped brow, Oikawa asked, “What is it Makki?”

Makki pulled Oikawa’s arm. “You have to come with me.” He exclaimed as he dragged the bewildered and clueless buchou.

“Where are you taking me Makki?”

“Worry about that later, Oikawa.” Makki laughed a bit as he continues to pull the captain towards the back of the school, behind the main building.

Oikawa pouted. “Then don’t drag me!” He then pulled the hand that Makki was holding and straightened his clothes. “I can walk on my own.” He huffed.

Makki grinned mischievously but nodded and started walking towards the back of the school.

Still pouting, Oikawa followed Makki. He mused over the fact that they were heading for a very secluded place now. Perhaps Makki has something for him? He frowned at that thought. It was ridiculous. Makki wasn't gay right? But he was always with Mattsun doing who knows. He inwardly gasped. Was Makki gonna confess to him and leave Mattsun? No! That can't happen, he didn't want to be the reason Mattsun would be hurt.

“Ma-” Oikawa was cut off to what he was going to say when Makki suddenly stopped walking. He was just about to ask what the hell was Makki doing when he saw that he was now facing the girl that he was waiting for all day, .

-chan~ I brought him~” Makki said in a sing-song voice, teasing as he walked around her then pushed her closer to Oikawa. “Do your best~” He grinned once more before running off towards the direction of the tennis courts."Remember you owe me and Mattsun!"

Oikawa felt as if his whole throat was clogged. For once, the Grand King did not know what to say.

The girl was looking at her feet as she fidgets with the hem of her skirt. You couldn’t see her face, but her blush was also evident on her neck and ears. The wind blew on her hair slightly, making the view look more than perfect for him. She was the most beautiful girl Oikawa had laid eyes on, but he will never admit that out loud. He had a reputation to maintain after all.

When remembered how to talk again, Oikawa cleared his throat. “…”

“Oikawa-san” She muttered almost incoherently, but Oikawa heard her clearly as the day. “I…”

Oikawa then stepped forward. Somehow he was fighting his urge to smile. He was feeling giddy inside at the prospect of this girl confessing her love for him. “Yes?” He urged her on as he kept his face void of emotion.

“I made this for you…” She then slowly and carefully took out a foot-inch tall, rectangular red box from her bag. Oikawa noticed that she was carefully keeping the box upright, an act which made Oikawa curious. “It’s not a typical chocolate though…”

Oikawa felt his heart sank, but he kept a straight face. Was it just a friendship chocolate then? “Not typical? Is it just shaped weirdly? Or did you use expensive brands?” He tried to make his voice as lively as normal. “I'm sure whatever it is, Oikawa-san will love it.” He tried smiling but he could already feel his heart breaking even just a bit.

twitched a bit. “Ah.. well.. I don’t think it’s that special…” She then slowly removed the content from the box, showing a beautiful tall wine glass with what looked like Pudding or Mousse in it. “It’s just a Jell-o Chocolate Mousse.” She said as she hands out the wine glass to him while tucking a stray hair behind her ear with her other hand.

A bit taken a back, Oikawa unconsciously took the wine glass in his hand. “But this is still just chocolate…” he muttered distractedly. “I don't see the difference.” He looked back at her, expecting an explanation.

The petite girl nodded and smiled a bit. “It is, because I thought that making regular chocolates will not satisfy you.” She shyly explained. “I thought that plain and boring chocolates that are just shaped and designed as hearts wouldn’t match your elegance and beauty.” She then blushed as she realized what she said.

“Ah...” She bit her lips as she looked back down on the ground. “I also thought that with you being busy with training and matches that a softer chocolate will be better. W-when Hanamaki-kun and Matsukawa-kun found out what I made for you this morning, they suggested that I shouldn’t give it to you together with the other girls.” She continued to ramble on as Oikawa stared at this beautiful girl. “… I knew this was a bad idea… but Hanamaki-kun pulled me here to wait for you... I’m sorry if I didn’t follow the standard rules of your fans club to line up and-”

did not finish her sentence for Oikawa quickly pulled her to his arms and kissed her. Her eyes widen at the sudden contact but she then kissed back. She could taste the Jell-o in his mouth. She smiled a bit from the kiss at the thought that Oikawa tasted her gift while she was rambling.

After a deliciously long moment, Oikawa pulled away with a satisfied smile on his face. “This is the best chocolate Oikawa-san has recieved today.” He said, a huge smile was on his face. “It has a very sweet taste that I like.” He said as he dipped a finger lightly on the mousse and spread it slowly on her mouth. “A very unique flavor.” He then kisses her again lightly this time, taking his time licking the mousse off her slightly opened lips. “Sweet.”

He then chuckled at her expression. “Now, where is that Makki?” He said to save her the shame of staring at him.

He then turned around with still in his arms and saw the whole regulars watching them, failing miserably as they try to hide themselves on a nearby tree and bush. “AHHHH! What are you all doing here?" Oikawa blushed. He can't believe everyone saw him kissing like that. Not that it was bad, but it was cheesy and embarrasing.

Iwaizumi, slapped Oikawa on the head. "Practice isn't over yet you trash."

"IWA-CHAN!So mean!" Oikawa whined, hiding behind a bit to avoid the smaller third year.

His teammates laughed. Kunimi shook his head as he pull a still laughing Kindaichi back to the gym, the rest following suit.

“Makki!” Oikawa called back to his mischievous teammate.

“What?!” Makki stopped in his tracks, looking back at Oikawa with a smirk on his face.

“Thank you.” Oikawa replied while squeezing the girl in his arms lightly, which made her giggle a bit.

The other boy grinned and gave them thumbs up before walking leisurely behind the others, continuing what probably a joke or a bet with Mattsun who also grinned at them.

It was a very tiring and eventful day for Oikawa. But he wouldn’t trade it for anything, especially after tasting that Jell-O chocolate mousse. He licked his lips a bit and looked down at the girl beside him who was watching his teammates back. Maybe he could ask her to make some more for him later on. He smiled happily at the thought before ushering for them to get back to the club room. He still needs to finish the rest of his Choco Mousse, but he needs a little help from her to make it a little bit more sweeter.




Notes: This fanfic was written back in 2013 but as a price for a Prince of tennis fan event. It was originally an Atobe Keigo fanfic but revised and rewritten to be an Oikawa x reader fic. This is merely a trial run for the codes of the DN to work.

The Chocolate was inspired by a Valentines scene in Skip beat. Credit goes to Skip Beat for the wonderful idea.

I would like to thank the one who Beta-read this for me back in 2013, Terezi Pyrope. Also to Haru, Audrey, Aoko and Takeru for a few inputs on the story that I needed to add.

(c) LuxNoctis 2013