Welcome to MoonLight

A Haikyuu Dream Novel Site


What are Dream Novels?
Dream Novels are Interactive Prompt stories where fans can virtually participate within the story. Opening a story will propmt a pop-up question that usually asks for the fans' name and any details that can be edited in the story to make it more personalized. Through this, fans can enjoy and emerse themselves more in the story. Most Dream Novels are romantic in nature. The script pop-up was first used in English DN by Just Once while Minus Zero had a pre-form/log in on the site that automatically edits all their stories for you.

Will other team/charaters be available?
Hopefully soon, MoonLight is managed by one person only as of now, that includes writing and coding the stories as well as the site. There is a request button below where you can send in your story request. There will be a list of characters and schools that MoonLight can take for now included in the request form.

Can I send my own stories/DN?
Unfortunately not yet. Once everything is up and running properly we'll recruit writers or proofreaders for the site.