Stars Watching Over Them

If one would ask one of Iwaizumi Hajime's friends if even have a romantic bone in his body, they would laugh and say how impossible Iwaizumi to be romantic at all. Oikawa would point out how violent he is, Makki and Mattsun would say the frown lines on Iwaizumi's face were permanent.

That's why they could not all believe their eyes when they all headed to the Iwaizumi household that day.

The whole team knew Hajime's parents went on vacation so they all decided to drop by and entertain the guy. Being that they were all University students on vacation, everyone was free that day. So behind Iwaizumi's back, they all decided to surprise their ex-vice captain and brought all kinds of snacks.

Kunimi rang the doorbell as he was the nearest one at the door. They all waited and waited, but no one answered.

"Are you guys sure Iwaizumi-senpai is home?" Shigeru commented.

Everyone frowned and looked at their ex-captain.

Oikawa looked kinda offended at their accusing looks. "I double checked! I messaged Iwa-chan earlier and asked if he wanted to hang out! He said he'll be staying at home all day!!" He pouted and crossed his arms.

"Maybe he's out back?" Makki suggested as they all rounded the house.

There they found Iwaizumi all tied up and struggling with fairy lights. His face was all scrunched up as he tried to untangle himself from the wires which were probably accidentally turned on as it was twinkling making the scene look more hilarious.

Makki and Mattsun automatically laughed while the rest of the team were all kind of shocked.

This caught Iwaizumi's attention. "What the fuck are you guys doing here?" He glared at them.

"Visiting you Iwa-chan!" Oikawa whined as he opened the backyard's gate and run to help his bestfriend. "What are you doing with all these lights?"

A small blush dusted Iwaizumi's face as he mumbled something that none of the other boys heard.

Mattsun whistled as he looked around the backyard as they all came in. "Wow, I knew your parents were kinda sweet but I didn't know they liked backyard dating." He commented as he saw a two person tent set up by the side that had a lot of pillows and a huge thick blanket inside. An obvious place for couples who want to stargaze at the back of their house. There were small hand-held lanterns scattered around the place, obviously intended to make it more romantic.

Kindaichi picked up one of the lanterns. "These are kinda new though." He observed, seeing the tag price that was still attached on the back. "Aren't your parents supposed to be out for vacation senpai?"

Makki narrowed his eyes at the decorations. "Are you setting up a date for your parents when they get back?" He asked.

"No." Iwaizumi grunted as he finally got untangled from the wires. "Didn't I texted Oikawa that I didn't wanna hang out today?" He grumpily rolled the fairy lights, all thankfully turned off now, and placed them on the porch.

The others shrugged and took out the snacks they brought. "We didn't care so we came instead." Mattsun high-five with Makki as they took out a few cans of beer from a plastic bag.

"No." Iwaizumi glared and crossed his arms. "You guys need to leave now. I'm busy."

"But Iwa-chaaaaan." Oikawa whined again. "We came for you."

"I don't care. Leave." Iwaizumi started pulling and pushing the other boys out.

The older ones started protesting while the younger ones quietly followed. However Kyotani stood there, silently staring at the decorations for a while now spoke up, grunting a bit. "So Iwaizumi-san has a girlfriend huh." he nodded, seemed satisfied with his conclusion.

Everyone froze. Oikawa laughed weakly. "That can't be mad dog-chan, Iwa-chan doesn't have a girlfriend right?" He looked back at his best friend who was now red as a tomato. "Iwa-chan?!"

"S-shut up." Iwaizumi continued to push while trying to hide his blushing face.

"That explains the new decorations." Kunimi nodded. "You're setting up for a date with your girlfriend."

"ho ho ho ho." Makki grinned. "Why haven't we heard anything about this?"

"I am hurt. I thought we were friends!" Mattsun added. "I was wrong about you!"

"Iwa-chan why didn't you tell me?!"

"Who knew Iwaizumi-senpai could be romantic?"


"Never expected it from him, I always thought it'll be Oikawa-senpai who would be this cheesy to do a backyard date."


"Maybe that's why he stopped hanging out with us even though we're in the same university?"

"Makki check this out! He hid flowers inside the tent!"

"OHHH damn~ Iwaizumi got his game right!"

"EVERYONE SHUT UP!" Iwaizumi yelled. Pissed off at everyone trying to talk at the same time. "Yes, I have a girlfriend and she's heading here to in a few minutes, so you fucking assholes better be gone or else I'll kill you all." He glared at everyone, especially at Oikawa.

"IWA-CHAN!!!" He pouted. "I want to meet her!" He bounced on his feet. "Come on, let Oikawa-san meet her, we have to make sure she's real!"

Grabbing the nearest thing his hands could reach, which was a lantern, Iwaizumi threw it toward Oikawa who squeaked as he jumped away. "LEAVE."

Everyone ran out, scared that the other decorations would be thrown at them too.


"Hajime?" opened the front door of the Iwaizumi house. Her boyfriend had given her a key the other day and told her to just come in. They have been dating for about five months now and she had been a constant visitor to the Iwaizumi household. Hajime had invited her over since his parents were out for vacation. He said that the stars at the back of his house looked great at night.

"At the back!" She heard him reply. Slowly, waved through the house heading towards the back porch. As she turned a corner, she gasp as she saw through the glass sliding doors all the lights hanging around the tree and on the ground. Hajime was standing there grinning at her.

"Wow." She managed to utter as she walked towards the doors and slid it open. "It's beautiful!" smiled as she stepped down and headed near her boyfriend.

"Glad you like it." Hajime chuckled. "Been uhhm, redecorating all day."

"I can see that." She giggled before hugging him. "Thanks Hajime."

He kissed the top of her head and grunted a low 'you're welcome'. Hajime then lead her towards the tent where they sat up. "I'll turn off the lights later so we can see the stars. Right now we can just sit here and relax." He pulled out a basket from the back that contains a few of 's favorite food. There were tupperwares of tamagoyaki, agedashi tofu and a few misshapen Onigiri. "I tried my best." He grinned sheepishly at her.

shook her head. "They're fine, thank you." She kissed his cheek before taking one tamagoyaki and eating it. She smiled widely. "They taste great Hajime, you're improving."

Hajime scoffed a bit. "Of course, I've been practicing." He smirked, proud that he can actually cook a bit now. Living in dorms near the University, he practically lived off take outs and convenience store food. But since dating , he tried to at least cook once in a while when they decide to stay indoors for their dates. He didn't want to just let her do the cooking all the time so he learned a few of her favorite dishes. The past few days, he had hounded his mom on teaching him more. Sadly he couldn't make a bit complicated food yet. Maybe next time he'll make a full course meal for his girl.

Remembering the flowers he bought earlier, he once again reached back and plucked them from their hiding place. "Here, I bought these for you."

's eyes sparkled at the bouquet of flowers in front of her. Gerbera Daisies, Chrysanthemum, Lilies and cosmos, all in orange colors. "You're so sweet. Thank you."

Hajime blushed as he stared at her. He nodded and just wrapped his arms around her. He wasn't much for mushy, cheesy talk but hey, action speaks louder than words right?

They cuddled under a blanket eating while chatting lighting about their summer break and University. Soon as the sky grew darker, Hajime stood up and one by one turned off the lights and lanterns. He opened the top part of the tent, leaving the netted part in place so they can lay down and gaze at the stars.

snuggled up beside Hajime when he crawled back inside the tent, getting themselves comfortable while staring at the sky.

This was their best date ever. Just the two of them and the stars watching over them.

It didn't matter that his old team mates almost ruined everything earlier. He had his girl in his arms, under the stars. Nothing else mattered. Everything was perfect.


Notes: This fanfic was written for a friend as a request, her favorite color is Orange hence the orange flowers. I decided to turn it onto a DN for everyone's enjoyment

(c) LuxNoctis 2017